Talos Art Foundry Ltd

The team from the MFH Art Foundry has decided to
re-organize and modernise the business and is now carrying on the tradition of top quality sculpture casting services at Project Workshops under the new name of
Talos Art Foundry Ltd.

Heading the team is Geoff Moate, who brings with him over twenty five years of experience in the bronze founding industry. Geoff’s first task has been to move the business from its current premises into the fabulous purpose-built foundry at Project Workshops. The new building will enable Talos to maintain high standards of production at competitive rates whilst increasing capacity to include individual pieces weighing up to 1000 kilos.

Talos is named after the mythological giant bronze guardian of Crete, who is represented on the ancient coin which is our company logo.

If you would like to visit the new foundry building and meet the Talos team, please ring Geoff on 01264 889544
or email Geoff@talosartfoundry.co.uk

Richard Atkinson-Willes
Project Workshops And Talos Art Foundry Ltd