Amy Goodman : Sculptor
and Portrait Artist

Amy Goodman, A.S.E.A was born in Windsor in 1974 and started drawing and sculpting from a young age. Having ridden all her life, horses have always been a passion and feature frequently in her work. She completed a Fine Art Degree in Southampton in 1997 and has been establishing herself as a Sculptor and Portrait Artist ever since. After a five year spell working in the South West of France, Amy returned to the UK in 2008 to become a resident artist at the inspirational Project Workshops in Hampshire. Amy loves working in different media and has developed her unique style of welded steel, bronze sculpture, and a variety of 2D work, including her distinctive equestrian ink & acrylic wash paintings. Her work is shown internationally and she regularly exhibits with the Society of Equestrian Artists where she has recently been promoted to associate member, and has just won the British Sporting Art Trust Award for best sculpture with her ‘Romsey War Horse’ maquette.
Amy has been garnering increasing attention for her sculptural work over the past few years. In 2012, she undertook the Pegasus project of three Flying Horse Sculptures, which leap out into the street at Flying Horse Walk Arcade in Nottingham. Soon afterwards, a bronze portrait of Professor Sid Watkins was commissioned by the British Racing Drivers Club for Silverstone. Amy has just installed an eight foot 'Angel' in bronze, which is at the entrance to Winchester University’s King Alfred campus, and she is currently working on a life-size War Horse & Trooper which will go at the entrance to Romsey Memorial Park in Hampshire.

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