Sally Milligan: Painter

Born in Cairo, Sally has travelled extensively.  She has worked in Theatre, opened and run The Wykeham Gallery in Hampshire, published and co-written two books, is a gardener and designer. Her return to a constant love of painting happened later on in life and recently she has taken a studio in Project Workshops, a fantastic centre of creativity.

Sally is an artist working primarily in Oils, her subject mainly landscape. Visits to Wales, Cornwall or Devon have always been a source of inspiration as is any water.  Being deeply committed to her work, most of her ideas originate through being in the landscape gathering ideas through sketches either in charcoal or oil, small or large, where she can respond to her surroundings, observe the light, space, shapes and feeling of the land. A lot of time is spent researching and gathering material for studio use.

The connection, interpretation and intensity that comes from just being outside is crucial for any landscape painter, putting down immediate thoughts, taking risks and making brave decisions, often unsure.  Quick thoughts come and go and have to be captured instantly, it is exciting and extremely challenging.  Back in the studio those instant thought processes have to be reworked and interpreted without losing initial exciting immediate thoughts.  Tone and colour have to be worked at, even the brush strokes, they all become a vital integral part of the finished painting. Sally feels that being a painter is an enormous privilege, even a compulsion, she hopes that her workshops can enthuse others to follow their creativity too.

Sally also works in charcoal, watercolour, ink and monotype.

Private tuition and workshops are offered from her studio in Hampshire, work is available for view by prior arrangement.