Linda Powell : Painter

Canadian born Linda Powell is a versatile and inventive painter who draws her inspiration from many subject areas reflecting her broad interests. Linda’s formal training in art centred on life drawing and sculpture but she learned her abiding love of painting from her mother.

Linda is interested in painting light, but her work demonstrates a keen understanding of colour and expert drawing ability. Many paintings display rigorous figurative principles. Some sideline these, in favour of experimental methods of applying paint to explore design, using colour and texture. Linda enjoys moving between different media and modes of working which challenge and refresh her focus. She predominantly paints from life but is also known to absorb a passing scene to be used later in the studio or she may simply build a painting from a combination of experience, memory and invention.

She is a trained and experienced teacher and has been using her considerable knowledge to inspire a dedicated following of students for over 17 years. She gains immense satisfaction from helping them find their own way and develop their skills, while the interaction invigorates her own perspective.

Linda’s paintings feature in many private collections in American and Canada as well as in England and she exhibits in London with the Society of Equestrian Artists and at a number of UK galleries.

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