Marek Woznica : Metalwork & Jewellery

Metal Storm is the brainchild of Marek Woznica, who has been crafting fine items of pewter metalwork and jewellery since 1990.  We were very pleased to welcome Marek to Project Workshops in autumn 2011. 

Marek’s pewter work is based on a range of themes including astrology, power animals, myth, magic and endangered species. Marek was born in London, where he spent his childhood in his Dad’s workshop learning the process of carving master patterns in pewter. His Dad wanted him to be an army officer, but Marek was determined to be an artist!

Later, Marek lived in Wales for 8 years, where he taught himself welding and steel fabricating and developed his engineering skills, attaining a qualification in engineering machining.

In 1994 Marek established Metal Storm to develop his own jewellery centred around themes of magic and alchemy. 

His work includes Chalices, Goblets, Brooches and Turned Trinket Boxes. He has also added a touch of woodturning into the mix, which has allowed him to combine timber and metal in a perfect blend of Art and Engineering.

Now at his new premises at Project Workshops Marek is set to realise his most imaginative and ambitious works of art to date in cast pewter and a culmination of pewter and wood.  In his newest work Marek is returning to explore natural forms including an exciting new project to create a spectacular rose arbour festooned with pewter roses.

Marek’s website is